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The Lily Pad

The Lily Pad is a one room studio (studio & control room in the same space).  Located in Elgin, IL, we are equipped with the tools  one needs to get the project done!


At  Crispy Toads' Audio we believe each project should be a quality representation of your artistic vision.


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What we do
Crispy Toads' Audio

Your Project Studio our Expertise

Services Offered

  • Audio Recording

  • Editing

  • Mixing


The Crispy Crew 

Chris Biegalski

Chris Biegalski

Chris Biegalski is the heart of Crispy Toads' Audio.

As chief recording and  mixing engineer, our main goal is to tailor to your needs as an artist.

Holding degrees in both music and communications, Chris has had the opportunity to expand his experience recording and mixing for local bands and solo artists. Lets hit record and dive into your mix!

Amy Biegalski

Amy Biegalski

Amy Biegalski is the second heart at Crispy Toads’ Audio.

In additional to holding  Chris’  heart as his wife, Amy is also  secretary, Photographer and assistant Engineer at Crispy Toads’ Audio. She is fluent in Spanish for our Spanish speaking customers and helps makes clients’ dreams a reality through her skills.

What people are saying

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Chris does exceptional work.

He takes his time and is always professional. Working closely with Chris is a learning experience, just as it is a recording experience.

You will learn something new every day about sound and gear with him.

He can produce something to sound like a Top 40 pop record, as well as dirty and grungy, but he always allows the human element to flow onto a recording. Feel and innovation are what fuels his studio’s energy, and he will mix and master it until the artist feels it to be complete. Communication is also one of his fortes. He mixes and masters from afar (should an artist not be present in the studio) and will send frequent updates of the recording to see if the artist feels with how it is coming along. With years of experience, and with a heart of gold, Chris won’t let you down.

Bob Batek's text about the Recording I did for Michale Graves 

Michale says and I quote 

"I listened to the CD and it was tremendous. What an incredible job. Some of these assets will probably come in handy in the future and if so I will reach out for proper credits" So not only does he love it but may want to use it...great job

- Michale Graves 

Singer / Song writer / Ex Misfits 

-Jon Babin

Solo Artist / Lever / Babin Brothers 

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Audio Interface 

Pre amps

Studio Monitors 

Direct Boxes

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Mon - Fri: 12pm- 10pm

​​Saturday: 12pm - 10pm

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